True North Spinal Care :: Testimonials


I experienced pain relief, improved posture, and a renewed sense of well being. Thank you Dr. Parpala!

- Marilyn H

With the painless and amazing NUCCA treatments from Dr. Parpala, I have been free of migraines for almost a year!

- Sarah M.

After just six weeks of NUCCA care, I started sleeping through the night. I thought this was a fluke and was sure it would not last. How wrong I was!

- Lynn C.

Dr. Joe alleviated issues I had in my neck and shoulder. He is extremely passionate about his practice and truly cares about his patients.

- Gail H.

When I am in alignment, I feel 100% better- no headaches, nausea, vomiting, back pain, neck pain or fainting. I am able to participate in any activity I choose.

- Jake C.

Dr. Joe helped the tightness and stress in my back. I now have more energy and less pain in my life.

- Nathan L.

Dr. Parpala relieved my migraines after a severe hockey injury when no other doctor could help me.

- Ethan J.