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True North Spinal Care provides an extremely gentle, precise, non-invasive adjustment to the spine to free the nervous system of interference. Our goal is to re-align an individual’s entire spine gently, allowing the body to express life at its highest potential.


Sub: below or less than | Lux: the Latin word for Life

Our bodies go through physical, chemical and emotional stress on a daily basis. These stressors may cause subluxation, which is a misalignment of the spine interfering with the body’s healthy communication. By removing subluxation through our gentle and precise adjustment, the brain and the rest of the body are able to communicate at a higher level, optimizing functionality of the body.

Learn more about subluxation and how chiropractic can restore balance and health to your body. Click the ‘Visualize Your Misalignment’ button for more information about the importance of keeping the spine in alignment and how our gentle adjustment accomplishes this. 


Dr. Joe Parpala

My wife Britta and I grew up in Cloquet, MN, where we met and later got married. Following high school, I joined the Air National Guard in Duluth, MN while I continued searching for direction in life. I started college at the University of Minnesota Duluth in the Biology program, keeping all my options open.

I had a tremendous experience with my chiropractor as a child. This experience made me curious about chiropractic at a young age, which in turn sparked my interest enough to pursue it. Following my undergraduate at UMD, I started postgraduate school to become a chiropractor. As I investigated chiropractic to find the most safe, proven, and reproducible technique, all signs pointed me toward practicing the NUCCA adjustment. After studying this advanced technique, I had a feeling NUCCA was going to be a great fit. I grew up playing hockey and endured a number of head/neck injuries that accumulated over time. I suffered from chronic headaches, neck pain, mental fogginess, and poor focus. I always had decent results with traditional chiropractic treatments but my very first NUCCA adjustment gave me a whole new experience. I knew this was my calling in life.

Following chiropractic college, I began practicing and being mentored at the most advanced NUCCA clinic in the state. Throughout my time practicing in the Twin Cities, I witnessed hundreds of people get well. This experience and the recent birth of our first child, Jayla, affirmed our decision to transition our family back home to the Northland. We are thrilled to be back “home” and I am beyond excited to be the first Upper Cervical Chiropractor north of the Metro!


We love seeing Dr. Joe and even brought in our 10 day old baby girl to get adjusted. He’s been a huge piece of my pregnancy journey and we are so so thankful for the love and care he gives to everyone he sees! We tell everyone about him.
- Jenna K.


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